Italian Funerals and Other Festive Occasions

Italian Funerals and Other Occasions

Italian Funerals and Other Occasions

“Big, sprawling, and as warm-hearted as a touching family reunion… Matheson is mesmerizing in his portrayal of a middle-aged man reminiscing on the highs and lows of his past. [He] evokes passion, intelligence, and humour with undeniable stage presence.”
– Waterloo Chronicle

“…intense, raw, and warmly humourous, delivered with tenderness and passion… Standouts include Matheson, who manages to bring humour and candour into every scene he’s in.”
– Elmira Independent

“Matheson plays ‘John’ with charming conviction”
– Guelph Mercury

“Matheson… is perfect in the role, tugging at our heartstrings…”
– Entertain This Thought